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PMDP series

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The PMDP boosts a wide informative display, where readings are easy to monitor and two  peristaltic pumps.
The PMDP has the Ph priority technology for a more efficient water regulation

  • Backlight LCD Display

  • Microprocessor technology

  • Pump regulation On/Off

  • Delay time adjustable for each dosing pump

  • Hysteresys adjustable for each dosing pump

  • Level input for each measure

  • Flow sensor input to control the dosage

  • Relay Ouput on set point 2 can be used for an additional pump or an alarm signal

  • Pump flow rate 1,5 l/h - 1 bar / 2,5 l/h - 1bar

Plastic housing, dimensions (mm) 275x200x139,  Weight 1520 gr.
Power supply 100 .... 240 Vac , absorption 7VA





0-14.00 pH
0-1000 mV

Measurement and control of pH and redox potential (ORP)


0-14.00 pH
0-10.00 ppm

Measurement and control of pH and chlorine

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