M30 series - MICON EN

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M30touch instruments represent the last Micon technology. They use a powerful Android-Linux operating system. A wide display gives the possibility to show relays and alarm status while the instrument keeps measuring in real time. Prepared for WIFI connection, to be managed remotely by MRemote app
  • Touchscreen display 7”
  • Up to 6 measures
  • 5 set-points free contact relays
  • 1 alarm free contact relay
  • 4 analog 4-20mA outputs
  • Level and proximity probe inputs
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Data Memory Recorder (Every day for 100 years)
  • Statistics graphic line chart for all measures
  • Smtp support server for email datalog sending
  • Selectable languages: ITA-ENG-FRA-GER-SPA-RUS
  • Help Text during  set-point, Calibration and other procedures
  • Remote assistance for firmware upgrade
  • Google Play Store and Apple store application for smartphone remote control

Measurement parameters:
 pH   Redox  (ORP)   Chlorine   Oxygen    Turbidity    Conductivity  Temperature

Via Benito Graziani, 16 N.I. 02015 Cittaducale (RI) - ITALY
tel. +39 0746 601222
email: info@micon.it
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